Top 5 Pinstripe Suits for Men

Pinstripe suits have been popular for decades and are considered a staple by many in the banking world. Over the past few years they have seen a resurgence because of popular TV shows like Mad Men.

The pinstripe suit is a quintessential option that is far more interesting than a solid colored suit and has connotations that a lot of men would like to align themselves with.

1. Navy Blue Pinstripe Suit

blue pintstripe suit

2. Brown Pinstripe Suit

brown pinstripe suit

3. Light Blue Pinstripe Suit

Light blue pinstripe suit

4. Black Pinstripe Suit

black pinstripe suit

5. Light Gray Pinstripe Suit


No matter what suit you decide to go with always make sure you finalize your look with a pair of Tucked Trunks boxer briefs. These boxer briefs are specifically designed to help you keep your shirt tucked in without all the additional magnets or straps that shirt tail garters have. Until next time, stay sharp gents!

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