5 Mens Wrist Watches Every Man Should Own in 2019

Every man with style knows that a wrist watch represents more than what it is designed for. Just like a cheeky monogram inside a jacket, a wrist watch showcases your personality and conveys your wealth and taste. There are many types of watches on the market today. Different makes, different brands, and different styles. This is almost enough to make one give up on wearing a wristwatch altogether, but nobody wants to be that guy. If you want to start wearing or building your watch collection, here is a list of the five wrist watch styles every man should know about.

1. Dress Watches

Dress watches are designed to be worn with a suit or some other formal attire. They can also be worn with business casual attire depending on the outfit. The main function of a dress watch is not accurate timekeeping since most of them lack second hands.

A dress watch is supposed to be elegant and understated. Thus, you should proportion it correctly to your wrist to avoid drawing attention. When choosing your dress watch, ensure it is thin enough so that it slips in and out of your dress shirt cuff easily. Follow the standard rules of matching leathers and metals with shoes and belts while make your selection.

Another important factor to consider when selecting your dress watch is simplicity. A good dress watch should have a white, black or metallic face. The bezel and dial should be faintly patterned or unornamented. The roman numerals are the most preferable.
Since the main function of a dress watch is compliment your attire, large, high contrast dials are not needed as it would be the case of sport and military watches.

2. Field Watches

Best-Field-Watches.jpg Field watches are designed to be used on expeditions, whether you are camping in the local woods or hiking the tallest mountain in the world. They need to hold up in the most rugged conditions and give the wearer the info they need. Thus, the best field watch should have a stainless steel case though most modern versions come with a titanium construction or PVD coatings, which are also good.

Unlike dress watches, field watches should have a superbly clear dial and numbering to make them readable at night or under low light conditions. Avoid buying field watches with a gold coated hour marker as they tend to create undesirable glare under sunlight, making them difficult to read in the field. Traditionally, the bands of field watches were made of leather or canvas so that they can be swapped out easily when damaged. Today, the bands of most field watches are made of metal link bracelets so they can last longer. The only shortcoming of metallic bands is that they are costly to replace and can be easily scratched.

The earlier field watches had a 36mm range with hand-wound movements. Modern field watches feature quartz or automatic movements and are in the 38 to 44mm range. Field watches are available for every budget and thus, you should consider adding one to your watch collection.


3. Racing Watches

belmoto-watches.png Racing watches tend to much flashier and look very utilitarian. They come in a wide range of styles and colors, meaning you will not lack one that matches your needs. There are two main features to consider when choosing a racing watch: tachymeter and chronograph. A tachymeter works like a bezel and is used to calculate both time and distance. By tracking the time it takes to travel a specific distance, the outer markings will indicate the speed in the provided unit per hour. A chronograph, on the other hand, is watch with separate stopwatch function. It features pushers at the 4 and 2 o’clock positions to start/stop and reset the second hand and two or three sub-dials.

For example, if you traveled a mile in 30 seconds, and then look at the bezel of your racing watch you will see 120 at the 6 o’clock position. The watch will be telling you that your speed is 120 miles per hour. Regardless of what units of measurement you use, the tachymeter will always read units per hour. This can be beneficial to racers calculating laps per hour at a track.


4. Dive Watches

Best-Dive-Watches.jpg All dive watches are timepieces, but not all timepieces are dive watches. Here is how. First, dive watches are designed to withstand immersion to a depth of at least 100 meters. Secondly, dive watches must conform to the requirements specified in ISO standard 6425. These requirements include:

    • A minimum water resistance up to a depth of 330 ft. or 100 meters.


  • A movement that has both magnetic resistance and shock resistance.



  • A casing made of water resistance materials to protect the watch from rusting and corrosion.



  • A screw down crown to prevent water from entering the watch.



  • Luminescent features on the hands and dial for enhanced readability under water.



  • A rotating bezel to enable divers to track the total time elapsed under from the beginning of their dive.



ISO testing standards dictate that a diver’s watch should undergo several pressure tests to ensure that the crystal, crown and case are water resistant and can endure lots of pressure. A timepiece that has passed these standards is marked with the word “Diver’s” to differentiate it from other water resistant watches. Not all divers’ watches are made equal. When choosing your diver’s watch, go for the one whose band material and case are made of corrosion resistant materials, such as rubber, silicone, titanium and stainless steel. The bands should be a little longer to fit over heavy dive equipment.

A good dive watch should have a unidirectional bezel. A good dive bezel should rotate counter clockwise to allow the diver to set the index to the minute hand before starting their dive and determine how long they have been under water.

5. Aviator Watches

Timex-Quartz-Aviator.jpg Just like dive watches, aviator watches are designed specifically for aviation purposes, though they have become a trendy fashion statement nowadays. Aviator watches feature a large clear display and may provide time for different locations. They are usually made to endure a range of extreme temperature and moisture. Highly functional and uniquely stylish, these watches are adept to keeping precise time and looking good on your wrist. For that reason, they can be a great additional your men’s watch collection. If you are high flying man who is looking to take to the skies, either metaphorically or literally, this is the watch for you.

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