20 Colors That Look Good Together


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Color is energy. Wearing the right cloth color combinations can improve your overall appearance greatly. A good color combination not only makes you look good, but also gives you a professional and organized image. There are many possible color combinations in the fashion world, but choosing the right one can be a difficult task. If you’re looking to give your style a boost, you need to be more thoughtful in the tones you choose to wear. In this guide, we will try to put an end to those mornings, you waste time, standing in the front of the mirror, trying to figure out which tie and shirt pairs with your new suit!

The Fashion Color Wheel

Fashion Color Wheel

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The Fashion color wheel is one of the simplest ways to know how to combine colors. Established by Isaac Newton in 1666, the color wheel stands as the base for all color theories. It helps you to know complementing and contradictory colors depending on what you are dressing for. The fashion color wheel is made up of 12 major colors, known as hues, and two non-colors, white and black. Gray, which is a combination of white and black, is regarded as neutral color. The 12 colors combined with either white or black create an unlimited amount of derivative colors known as the color wheel for clothes. Depending on the color of your clothing, you can either lighten them by adding white to result into a tint or darken them by adding black obtain a shade. A tint here refers to any color that white has been added to give back a light, softer version of the original color. Shade is the opposite of a tint; it refers to any color that black added to make it darker and stronger. Tones are created by adding both white and black hues to a primary color, in order to take the brightness out of it and make it more sophisticated and subtle. To understand which colors look better together, you need to know the various classifications of colors on the wheel. These color classifications include:

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Primary Colors

The wheel has three primary colors:
These three primary colors are bright and intense. They are the strongest hues and are very eye catching. Primary colors are used to form secondary and tertiary colors when mixed together (blue and yellow makes green, blue and red makes purple, and so on). These colors require tinting or shading so that they do not come across very harsh on the eye.

Secondary Colors
Secondary colors are made by mixing primary colors. They include:
Orange is made by mixing yellow with red; violet is made by mixing blue with red, while green is made by mixing blue with yellow. Just like primary colors, secondary colors very much noticeable. One common mistake people make is to combine two large complementary clothing, thinking they complement each other. An orange jacket will not look good with a pair of blue trousers; similarly, a green suit won’t go well with a pair of red shoes. Always remember to keep your shirt tucked in when wearing trousers with Tucked Trunks boxer briefs.

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To use the power of complementary colors, you need to develop an eye for details. For instance, buy a yellow buttoned violet shirt or match a pair of shoes to red shoe laces. These options may sound adventurous but it will work wonders if you keep the rest of the outfit plain.

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Intermediate Colors
They include:
Blue – Violet
Blue – Green
Yellow – Green
Yellow – Orange
Red – Orange
Red – Violet
These are the color combinations you really need to pay attention to. The key to improving your style is to know your intermediate colors. Intermediate colors are colors in their own right and are not shades or tints of secondary and primary colors. Since these hues are not intense and bright as primary and secondary colors, you can easily incorporate them into your wardrobe.

Blue Suit

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A Guide to Color Combinations for Clothes

When it comes to choosing color combination for clothes, the fashion color when can be useful. It can act as a rough guide to what colors go well together. Most people follow three color schemes when combining colors for clothes. These three schemes include:

Complementary colors
Triad colors
Analogous colors
Complementary Colors for Clothes
They sit opposite each other on the fashion color when. They offer a balanced contrast and are eye-catching. The best way to complement the colors is by wearing a dominant clothing piece in one color and smaller detail in another color.

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Triad Colors
Triad colors are any three evenly placed colors that create a triad scheme on the wheel. Triadic colors are ideal when you want to wear a few accessories and want to maintain a pleasant balance, or when you want to wear a three-piece suit.

Analogous Colors
Analogous colors are placed next to one another on the wheel. These colors have similar tones and blend well together. The analogous color scheme is ideal for an impressive outfit combination where you are not limited to the black tie attire.
3 Specific Men’s Clothing Color Combinations That Work Well
Despite the fact the above color schemes are great and work well in most cases. There are three specific men’s clothing color combinations that work well for men in particular.

Casual Color Combinations

With casual colors, you can go for bright colors, such as greens and oranges. Try wearing some blue jean shorts with orange tees, and white trainers. This may sound simple, but you will certainly love how these colors pop up and complement each other.
Formal Wear Color Combinations
If you are looking for a smart look, consider trying some camel colored outfits. Camels and browns go exceptionally well with burgundies and blues to make a very stylish outfit.

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Work Color Combination

When dressing for work, try wearing a grey suit and pair it with blue or burgundy accessories.

20 Clothing Color Combination Tips and Rules Every Man Should Know

  1. Pair brightly colored bottoms with dark tops and shoes.
  2. Avoid wearing tops that are close to your skin as they tend to appear pale and washed out.
  3. Do not wear three pieces with same color shade as they may negatively impact on your appearance.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the various outfit patterns to make it easier for you to combine colors correctly.
  5. Brown and dark blue is a perfect color combination for men looking for a classic, balanced appearance.
  6. The best color combination for a casual look is gray with blue denim
  7. Dark colors, such as Burgundy, charcoal gray or black are the best option for a formal wear.
  8. Beige or mustard color go well with various shades of blue
  9. If you love bold colors, such as green, yellow or orange, be careful as they may look weird.
  10. Gray outfits can complement well with many colors. So, consider buying as many as you can.
  11. Bright-colored outfits are perfect for summer.
  12. Avoid many color combinations when styling.
  13. When purchasing printed outfits, go for the ones that have good color combinations.
  14. A black bottom goes with a burgundy, purple, beige, blue and pink top wear.
  15. Grey goes well with bright colors, such as orange or red.
  16. A light colored bottom wear looks great with a dark green color.
  17. White and black is all-time color combination for most men.
  18. Royal blue and beige outfits make men stand out in the crowd.
  19. Red coats, blazers and suits are stunning.
  20. For an elegant masculine appearance, go for wine with brown or black color combinations.


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