8 Tips to Help You Look More Muscular

Building muscles to gain a muscular body is not easy. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to a set diet, motivation to go to the gym and the many hours of training to get the results you want. Thus, if you have done all this to get your dream body, why would you not want to show it off? //pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js

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Equally, some men may not have time to go to the gym due to their busy schedule. However, that does not mean that they do not want to look more muscular. In this article, we will teach you how to dress well to look bigger. It’s not always easy to show off your muscular body when you have to wear clothes, but it is not impossible. Here are 8 tips to help you look more muscular.

Tip 1: Size Down


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One of the pieces of advice given to men looking to improve their style is to pay close attention to fit. Surely, style cannot exist without the proper fit. Most male celebrities may not have the most muscular bodies, but their proper fitting clothes make up for that.

Your goal is to go for a fit that is either a regular or skinny fit. This ensures that there’s no excess material hiding your body. They will show off your curves without emphasis on the stomach or flabby areas.

If you are stout, avoid too baggy suits. Similarly, if you are thin, avoid clothes that are skin tight. If you have items in the either of the above categories, consider having a tailor adjust them.

Tip 2: Wear a Top that Shows off Your Biceps and Chest


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A well-fitting top will accentuate your chest and biceps, but there’s a big difference between skin tight and snug. Go for the size that hugs your shoulders and arms, but not your mid-section.

If you are going out for a party or social event with no strict dress code, wear denim or leather jacket to add bulk and substance to your shoulders and chest.  For a casual look, consider wearing a button down with epaulets or chest pocket on the shoulders.

Tip 3: Avoid Short Sleeves


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Short sleeves are not a perfect wear for non-muscular men as they show how flabby or thin your arms are. Long sleeves have excess fabric and can help create the illusion of well-defined arms. If it’s too warm to wear your long sleeves, consider rolling them up till they are just past your elbows. Even when shortened, the folded ends of your long sleeves help to add more bulk to your arms.

One of the best long sleeve shirts you can wear is a henley as it’s strategically tight in the shoulders and chest. It also fits through the body without being too tight. Consider unbuttoning one or two buttons for a broader look. Use a tank or V-neck under your Henley. You can layer under sweaters and button-ups to bulk yourself.  

Tip 4: Observe the Seams of Your Clothing

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Check where the seams of your shirt are lining up on your shoulders.  If they trickling right below, then it looks like you are wearing an over sized shirt. For a more perfect fit, make sure your seams lie just above or squarely on the shoulders. This will make you look broader. In fact, people will assume that you so big that not even your shirt can contain you.

Tip 5: Choose a Strategic Pattern

source: lookastic

You know vertical stripes make you look taller while horizontal stripes make you look wider. Therefore, if your goal is to appear muscular, go for patterns that stretch across your frame, instead of those that are up and down.  Apart from choosing horizontal stripe patterns, go for fabrics with a texture that can make your torso look more buffed up.

Bonus Tip: Add Some Accessories

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Accessories, such as watches and other jewelry items make your arms look heavier, especially if they are of the light size and are not loud. Avoid picking accessories just because they look good.  That short-term attention will work against you especially when people notice how huge or small your frame is.

It’s recommendable you wear a watch that is simple, elegant and has muted features. Consider checking out our list of the best wrist watches and see what works for you well.

Tip 6: Pick the Proper Shirt Options

The collar of your shirt should be smaller.  Do not button the shirt all the way up instead, consider creating a bit of a “V” unless you are wearing a tie. The pattern should be bigger and bolder with lighter shades. There are lots of shirts you can wear, including turtlenecks, collared sweaters, casual button downs, polo shirts and many more.

Tip 7: Wear Heavy Fabrics and Weaves

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There are many heavy weight materials you can choose from, including leather and denim. There are also corduroy, flannel and tweed. Heavy weight clothes give you a textured look that makes your upper body to stand out without compromising your silhouette.

So, next time you go shopping, buy those heavy weight clothes. Try them on and see if your upper body looks bigger. Heavy weight clothes give you a more commanding masculine appearance.

Tip 8: Wear Light Colors

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Black makes you look slender, while white makes you look a bit bigger and is bulking. Thus, if you are looking to make your shoulders and chest stand out, wear as many fitted white tees and shirts as you can to create an illusion of a muscular body.

However, if you still want to wear your dark shirt, pair it with a lighter color on the bottom. The darker color stretching across your chest and the lighter hue at bottom will make you appear more muscular.

Your muscles are an important part of your look.  Thus, you should dress appropriately to make them stand out. With a good understanding of the above 8 tips, you’ll certainly have an easy time dressing for a more muscular look.

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