Fathers Day Ideas for Dad – Gift Ideas for Father’s Day


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As you age, chances are that your relationship with your parents will change in many ways. These changes are fundamental. First, there is the practical aspect of going from being cared for by them, to proving the care. As you grow older and learn about the world, there is the ever increasing need of appreciation that you start to feel for your parents.

Father’s day is a great opportunity to appreciate your dad. When father’s day rolls around, it can be stressing to find a perfect for your dad – one that he will actually use and enjoy. It’s not easy to shop for dads, and you may be tempted to just him a tie like the previous year. While we cannot knock ties, especially if your dad wears one daily, it is recommendable you try something different this year. Here are the best father’s day gifts you should give your dad.//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js

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4 Tips How to Choose the Best Father’s Day Gift

Tip 1: Assess Your Budget

Use your creativity to find a perfect gift for your dad. The fact is that not every fabulous gift has a blockbuster price tag. If you have set a budget for your gift, write it down to keep yourself in line.

Tip 2: Think About How He Spends His Free Time

Does he Travel a lot? Grill? Read books? Walk? Go Boating? Play golf? Watch television? Whatever your dad loves doing during his free time, is a great place to start.

Tip 3: Fill a Need

Now that you know his favorite thing, look for something that would help him with it. Does he travel a lot? Get him a travel charger for his phone, a travel pillow or a piece of carry-on luggage. Does he like doing a lot of yard work? Get him a pair of pants with reinforced knees or padded work gloves. Does he run marathons? Get him an armband to his iPod or new pair of athlete’s shoes.//pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js

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Tip 4: Make it About Him, Not the Glory of the Gift

If you are totally confused, consider giving him a gift card to his favorite store. This will give him a chance to choose what really likes for himself. Though not recommendable, it works if you really don’t know what to give him. But for doing this consider checking out our selection of gift ideas for every kind of dad, at every price point.
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1. Men’s Shoe Shine Kit

FootFitter Shoe Shine Valet Refill Set - 100% Horsehair Brushes, Sho.pngAmazonYour dad will certainly fall in love with a luxurious shoe shine kit. Get a good shoe shine kit that comes with everything he needs to keep his dress shoes shiny and spotless. Additionally, buying him a shoe shine kit will save him a few dollars as he will not have to pay shoe shiners frequently. A good shoe shine kit comes with two to four brushes, shoes wipe cloths and two tins of polish in brown and black.

2. Tech Gadgets


iphone x amazonAmazon

Is your dad a tech junkie? Does he always mess around with phones, gadgets and computers? Think of getting dad a new/updated laptop computer, or upgrade his current gadgets like his iPhone or Samsung! He would definitely love that idea !

3. Golf Trunk Organizer

Golf Trunk Organizer _ Locker, Standard _ Sports & Outdoo.pngAmazon

If your dad likes spending his free time out on the green playing golf, consider getting him a golf trunk organizer. A golf trunk organizer is outfitted with slots for towels, spikes, tees, balls, and shoes. With all of his supplies in one place, he can spend more time honing his swing and less time looking for a lost glove.

4. Bluetooth Bike Speaker


Outdoorsy dads do not have to leave their music at home thanks to the Bluetooth-enabled water resistant speakers. These speakers come with a cylindrical design that makes them easy to tuck into the mesh pocket of a hiking backpack or strap onto a bike. With a shock proof, water resistant rubber exterior, these rugged portable speakers will survive your dad’s great adventures.

5. The Art of Shaving Travel Kit

2018-06-05 11_02_46-Amazon.com_ The Art of Shaving Starter Kit, Unscented_ Luxury BeautyAmazon

The Art of Shaving Travel Kit is a luxurious shave on-the-go set with all the essentials a traveling dad will need to be neat. The kit includes a shaving cream, a travel size-pre shave oil, five blade razor, a genuine shaving brush and an after shave balm.

6. Cufflinks

Stainless Steel Classic Cufflinks for Men Wedding BusinesAmazon

Whether he has an affinity for suits or he is always at work trying to make it happen, consider gifting him a set of cufflinks. There are many different types of cufflinks you can buy for dad that will add a dapper edge to his formal wear.

7. Press Coffee Maker

Coffee PressAmazon

No matter when Dad needs his coffee, he will find something just right in an insulate press coffee maker. A press coffee maker works like a French press brewing on the go. There is nothing not to like about these insulated coffee mugs. They are simple to use and clean. The masculine thermos ensures that your java remains warm for hours.

8. Men’s Shearling/Flannel-Lined Slippers

Men's Overland Austin Shearling-Lined Suede Slippers _ Slippers.pngAmazon

The Men’s shearling or flannel line slippers are ideal for those dads who hard on weekdays. They give him some much-needed relief he comes back home after a long day or when longing around the house on weekends. The slippers are superbly made and are comfortable to wear for long periods. They are made of leather and have a cozy shearling/flannel lining.

9. Handheld Body Massager

deep tissue massageAmazon

Everyone loves a relaxing massage after a long day of work. A hand-held massager can provide the needed relaxation for him. Buy him a mini massager set so he can all he needs in one-spot. Hand-held massagers come in different shapes, so you can know what to use for your neck, body and head. These massagers have a cordless design, so he can use them just about anywhere in the house.

10. Many-Tools-In-One System



This is a unique multipurpose piece that has more than eight tools in one: pliers, a saw, a can opener, a slotted screw driver and a hammer. The many-tools-in-one system allows him to be prepared for any situation. The fact that this multi-tool is lightweight makes it highly portable. He may never have to buy another tool again.


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