5 Tips to Help You Stay Fresh All Day Long

Hygiene is something essential in everyone’s life. It’s more than just showering, brushing your teeth and putting on deodorant. Staying fresh gives off a sharper look and helps us feel good all day. Worrying about sweat, odor, typical coffee breathe, skin, hair and even nails can be hectic. Here are a few helpful tips to help keep up with your hygiene from head to toes.

1. Hair

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Start off with the right shampoo and conditioner. Find a well-known brand of shampoo and conditioner and match it with your hair type. There are hundreds of shampoos and conditioners out there for all kinds of hair. For curly, straight, wavy, thick and thin hair. Find one that matches your hair and try it out, if it works for you continue to use it. Wash your hair everyday, keep it clean and the conditioner will keep it soft and makes hair shine. Some brands can be expensive and others can be cheap, but don’t judge them by price you’d be surprised sometimes the cheap ones can be good for you. Haircuts make you look crisp and clean. Getting a trim consistently helps prevent split ends and gives hair a healthier look. While you’re at the barber, tell him to check up on your beard/mustache or any facial hair that you have if you do. If it’s long tell them to give it a little trim and your usual shape up. If you don’t shave yourself ask your barber to do it for you to avoid cuts and irritation. If you do shave yourself use a new razor every time and find the right one that works for your skin type. If your skin is sensitive, look one up that is more gentle on sensitive skin. Be careful while shaving and use the proper shaving cream. With shaving cream the shaving is softer on the skin, less irritation occurs when a good quality shaving cream is used. Keeping your hair and facial hair clean, neat and cut is one of the best ways to always looks your best.

2. In your mouth


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You are going to be talking to a lot of people throughout your day. Keeping your mouth fresh is a major plus in staying fresh. Brushing your teeth is an essential part of your daily routine in life, and your teeth should be brushed as soon as you wake up in the morning before you have breakfast. After you have your breakfast or morning coffee brush them again and floss (if you have time) before you leave for work.Your teeth should be flossed at least once a day to keep your teeth and gums fresh, little flossing can lead to many gum diseases. For those out there running on a tight schedule, there are little tools out there that make brushing and flossing something you can do on the go.
This is a little on the go toothbrush that gives you fresh breath if you’re in a hurry. The bottom end is pointy and can be used to get things out from in between your teeth if needed. This is a quick alternative to actually brushing your teeth, that you can carry around since it’s tiny and convenient. Mouthwash is also something overlooked by many people but can be super useful after brushing your teeth. You don’t have to do it after every time you brush but once or twice (day and night) should be good. Mouthwash has many benefits, which include, freshens breath, prevents plaque build-up and fights against tooth decay and gingivitis.

TIP: When brushing make sure you brush your tongue as far as you can, build up on tongues gives you bad breath and looks pretty nasty.

3. Shower time

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Make sure to shower everyday. Some say not to shower everyday but just imagine going through a whole day moving around, working, being outside and just laying in your clean sheets. Bar soap or body wash? There isn’t a major difference between one or the other. The difference is in the name, one is a bar and one is liquid. Regardless both will get the job done, you just need to invest in the right one that is good for your skin. Get a body soap or body wash that comes with microbeads to better exfoliate the dirt off your skin. Microbeads help go deeper into your skin and get you clean. Make sure that your bar soap or body wash is moisturizing. Exfoliating causes the skin to get a little dry so bar soap and body wash that come with moisturizer help hydrate the skin after getting it all cleaned up. Dry skin looks flaky so anything to give it some moisture helps. Scrub those armpits because leftover deodorant can cause foul odor as well. Make sure to wash everything thoroughly, from head to toe. Anything left unwashed will start to cause an odor and that’s what we don’t want. After your shower, moisturize, it doesn’t have to be every time but every now and then moisturize after your shower because that’s when your pores are the most open and exposed and will absorb the moisture. Moisturizing your skin makes it soft to the touch.

TIP: Drying in between your toes prevents smelly feet.

4. Wash your face

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Your body is not the only thing that needs to be washed. To prevent acne and oil buildup of the skin wash your face at least twice a day. If you tend to have oily skin make sure to keep your skin clean. Oil and dirt clog the pores which cause acne to start popping up. Use a face wash that exfoliates well, these tend to come with microbeads as well. This will help clean out your pores and keep your face fresh. After this, don’t forget to moisturize! Everyone has this mentality where moisturizer will cause acne or breakouts, that’s a myth! Moisturizing helps replenish the skin of some of the oils you removed from it while washing. If you don’t moisturize the skin will work extra hard on producing the oils it needs, therefore it will become oilier.

We men think only women can use face masks, no! Face masks are an excellent way to treat the skin. There’s face masks for anything, anti-breaks, blemish, aging, also some for exfoliating and moisturizing. Masks are one of the best ways to treat the skin and keep it healthy.

TIP: Use face lotion, hand or body lotion won’t do as well on your face.

5. Touch ups


Cologne is a tricky thing to touch upon because all men’s cologne tend to have a strong scent. Whichever cologne you pick to wear, go easy on it. A little goes a long way, two to three sprays will keep you smelling nice throughout the day. Not too strong but just the right amount.

Nails should be kept short, finger and toe nails. Toe nails especially cause long toenails cause foot odor. Manicures and pedicures are not something just for women, men can do them too. Every now and then a mani pedi can be good to keep the hands and feel looking polished. Pedicures help keep your heels smooth from callus, giving you soft, good looking feet. Manicures help reduce the amount of dead skin around your fingers and give your nails a better shape.

TIP: Try not to bite the side of your fingers and fingernails.

Hand Sanitizer is a tiny, useful thing to keep on you at all times. We touch things all day long and we don’t know where things have been. They could be infested with germs or just straight up dirty so if you don’t have a bathroom nearby where you could wash your hands, just put on a little hand sanitizer.

Hygiene is more than just a shower and clean teeth. It is important part of our lives that everyone should take more time doing. Take these tips to make sure you stay fresh all day long no matter the weather.
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