7 Summer Beach Outfit Ideas for Men

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Summer is here! Hopefully, you will find yourself relaxing along one of the coasts at some point in the next few months. Thus, it is important that you are well prepared. No matter what you plan this summer, consider some style changes this season. Dressing decently in summer can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Unlike cooler temperatures, hot weather requires that we do more with less. Beautiful weather provides a more relaxed attitude that translates into wearing flexible outfits that lean towards summer weather utility and comfort. How does a modern-day gentleman dress while going out at the beach this summer? Our simple Beach Outfit Ideas for men will help you decide the best beach outfits this summer, so you can maintain a stylish and comfortable look. But before that, here are some valuable summer fashion tips to help you choose the right beach outfit.

Tip 1: Choose the Right Fit

Most people think that loose is better for summer. Thus, consider choosing clothes with a bit bigger size than you usually wear. This will give you more air that circulates around your body. However, avoid choosing the over sized outfits. To feel comfortable and appear neat, go for a perfect fit, that’s not to buggy nor too tight. If you will wear a polo shirt, try opening the buttons to give you a more casual look than a professional look.

Tip 2: Go For the Right Fabric and Layer


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Go for a single-layer look. If you want to add an extra layer, choose a thin denim jack or a lush cardigan over your polo shirt when day starts windy or when the sun drops. Regardless of the layers you choose, remain more focused on the fabric of your attires. Thus, be sure to invest in high quality clothes. With the right layer and fabric, you will certainly look luxurious and not overheated.

Tip 3: Have the Right Pants

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Yes, we all love shorts in summer, but consider wearing some long chinos and jeans too. Maintain a classic collection of black, navy blue or clean colors. When choosing your shorts, go for the ones that are not overly long and baggy. Make sure all your pants are at the right fit for a comfortable amazing look. The best summer pants should also be made from a lightweight for enhanced comfort during the day and night.

Tip 4: Ensure Your Outfits are of the Right Color

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There are many types of color you can choose this summer. The typical masculine hue or the bold shades, give out an outstanding fresh look. Some best colors you can wear this summer include lemon yellow, orange or fuchsia. Other shades such as beige and gray are also popular this season. Be sure to choose your colors and emphasize them in your wardrobe.

Tip 5: Add the Right Accessories

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The best accessories will give you a stunning look. Whether it’s a basic jewelry piece, like a watch, hat to cover your sunglasses, or only sunglasses, you can enjoy different types of styles and enhance your appearance, by playing with accessories.

7 Summer Beach Outfit Ideas for Men

1. Swimwear
Your swimwear is one of the most essential parts of your trip to the beach. Remember you will be in your trunks all day long. Thus, they have to be comfortable, stylish while still allowing for a wide range of motions. The best swimwear should dry very quickly to allow you to move from the beach to the city with ease. Modern fashion tips state that your swimwear should end a few inches above the knee. If you don’t like this, you can go for a trunk that goes down to the knee, but make sure that it does not restrict your movement.

2. Printed Shorts with Plain T-Shirts
Print is great. Try placing it on a body that you have been training, and watch it work wonders. Have you been squatting PBs? Watch stripped shorts turn your solid quads into sequoia trunks. Have you been hitting those lats? Watch a botanical T-shirt turn yours into wings. This pairing is ideal for men who do not want to their inverted triangle exaggerated. Maintain neutral colors for T-shirts and choose shorts that are cut slim

3. Denim Short with Open Shirt
This paring is ideal for guys who love going topless, but want to remain decent in public. Wearing thick, raw denim is quite uncomfortable in summer. However, in the recent seasons, many brands have released lightweight styles that promise all of the style. Choose a pair of denim shorts in a light or acid wash, and combine it with a printed open T-shirt up to for an attractive casual look.

4. Chino Shorts with Floral Shirt
This paring is a perfect option for men looking for an eye-catching look on the beach. The floral shirt is an attention-grabbing holiday essential. However, remember that it can break or make your look. Opt for a well-fitting shirt, with muted styles, if you do not want to end up a fashion victim.

5. Denim Jacket with Short
Denim jackets are a great addition to your beach outfit if you are feeling a little chilly this summer. You can wear a denim jacket with a denim shot, but certain of what you’re doing. Double denim can be a tough thing, thus ensure they do not clash.

6. Sleeveless T-shirt and Shorts
Sleeveless T-shirts and Shorts are ideal for guys who want their skin to breathe while maintaining a stylish look. Sleeveless tees are nice and light, and can have a print on the front or back. You can wear the sleeveless tees with shorts or board shorts and you’ll be totally ready for the beach. Sleeveless shirts come in a wide range of colors, with different prints and great texts. So, be sure to choose the tees that go well with your style.

7. Denim Shorts with T-Shirt
For men looking for a stunning look while still remaining comfortable and cool on the beach, the denim short with T-shirt outfit combination is a perfect option. Opt for a t-shirt made of linen cotton, pima cotton or pique for maximum breath-ability and pair it with lightweight denim short.

5 Beach Outfit Rules Every Man Should Know

1. Avoid going topless on the beach as this can affect your health.
2. Do not wear complete black outfits as black absorbs lots of heat.
3. Go for linen tees as they absorb moisture quickly.
4. Choose shirts that are made up of 100% cotton for optimal comfort, softness and breath-ability.
5. For an enhanced look, add sunglasses and other accessories to your beach outfit.

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