What Every Men Should Know About the Latest Street Style Trends


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Street style is increasingly becoming one of the most preferred styles for most men worldwide. It is comfortable, effortlessly cool and will inject edge into every output you put together. Streetwear is straightforward and incredibly easy to wear, but it’s not easy to make it look both stylish and smart. If you are wondering how you can add street style into your smart casual wardrobe, we’ll show you how. But first, let’s understand what Streetwear actually is and why it is increasingly becoming popular today.

As the name suggests, streetwear is a style of street fashion with an urban feel at its heart. Street style is believed to have originated in California and was later adopted by the hip hop subculture. It has an urban and youthful feel. Traditional streetwear is baggy and loose. It incorporates elements like graphic tees and over sized hooded tops.
For most people, the sneakers you choose are an essential aspect of getting this trend right. They should have vintage or retro feel and preferably made of leather. While the body of the shoes can be any color of the rainbow, white soles are essential.
So, how you can you incorporate all these elements of streetwear to your current wardrobe and look stylish? Here are valuable tips on you can do this.

4 Tips on How to Incorporate Streetwear to Your Modern Outfit

Tip 1: Incorporate Over sized Style into Your Outfit

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Since traditional streetwear is all about wearing big baggy clothes, incorporate these elements to your modern outfit for a street style feel. For smarter look, wear one over sized piece and keep everything else close fitting. For example, you can pair a skinny jean with an over sized hooded top. Or for a casual or slouchy feel, pair a close fitting suit with an over sized shirt without a tie. Tryout different proportions until you get the best style for your body.

Tip 2: Go for Dark Colors

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Streetwear embraces all the colors of the fashion wheel with their designs. If you are looking to maintain a formal look while still wearing your favorite streetwear pieces, then go for dark colors. Dark colors will give you an immediate formal look, and that’s why most men wear grey or black suits to the office. If you don’t want to wear black from head to toe, consider choosing one iconic and statement making black piece, such as a jacket or tee and then incorporate some black accessories. These pieces will not only complement each, but also give a sense of color to your outfit.

Tip 4: Add a Jacket or a Formal Coat

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Another quick and easy way of injecting a smart edge into any outfit is to add a formal jacket or blazer with slim lapels and a button fastening. This creates an immediate structured tailored feel reminiscent of suiting while enhancing your overall formal feel and appearance. Now is the best time to tryout this look, as you may be finding hard to leave the house without throwing a warm overcoat every outfit. Use your coat or jacket to cover your brushed lumberjack shirt, hooded top or graphic tee. These iconic features will set your outfit apart and give a street style appearance without distancing you from the more formal, smart crowd. A Crombie coat is an ideal option as it fits closely to the body. It has a long line style, which makes incredibly flattering and easy to pair with modern and fashion forward streetwear pieces.

Tip 4: Incorporate Layering

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Layering is an essential part when it comes to wearing streetwear. Don’t let this trend go simply because you are trying to smarten up. Provided you go for the right pieces, you will certainly find it easy to add layering into a formal look. Wear a stripped button down shirt open a plain white tee. Similarly, try wearing a plain shirt with a patterned tee. Top this with a blaze for a more formal look or with a bomber jacket for a casual appeal. With this, you will be wearing their separate pieces together like a fashion pro.
Looking stylish in streetwear is straightforward and easy. Try pairing an iconic streetwear piece with the classics you already have in your wardrobe and watch these conflicting genres complement each other. Now that you know how to incorporate street style into your current wardrobe, let’s look at the top 5 street style trends you should follow in 2018.

Top 5 Street Style Trends Men Should Follow In 2018.

1. Army Style Outfits
Military style outfits were trending back in 2016 and are now back for another round in 2018. Army outwears, such as jackets and t-shirts looking amazing if they are paired with a perfect bottom wear. For this year, stick to pieces in shades of brown, beige, army green and khaki. For designs, choose military style garments with large pockets and simple fastenings. Complete your look with an appealing shearling-lined aviator jacket.

2. Colored Blazers and Coats
Traditional streetwear laid emphasis on dark colored coats or blazers for a more official look. Though dark colored coats help men to keep warm during winter, it is high time to break it. Color coats and blazers are becoming a preferred option for many men.

3. Checked Clothes
Checked outfits emerge again as yet a popular pattern choice in 2018’s street style looks. While checked clothes with traditional colors may work well for men looking for a classic feel or looks, consider trying out with brighter and bolder versions for a more vivid take on the trend. Bright greens, mustards, reds are just some of more daring checked outfit color options that will leave an impression. For a more appealing appearance, you can pair checked suits with dress shirt, checked blazer with chino or a checked shirt with denim.

4. Playful Hoodies
Stylish hoodies are an amazing street style for men. They are not only comfortable to wear, but also very relaxing. Pair for your playful hoodie with chinos, shorts, ripped jeans or denim. You will certainly look smart in any of these combinations. This is why playful hoodies are trending as a streetwear for men.

5. Astounding Knit Wears
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