Best Chino Pants – 2019 Guide

Top 5 ways to style 5 different colored chinos -
So you are ready for the spring / summer and you need some ridiculously easy outfit ideas for your chinos? then you’ve come to the right spot! Chinos are an essential for all men to have. Before we dive in to what you will need for creating the 5 different looks let’s get into a few things you will need.

  1. A pair of chinos (Navy Blue, Green, Tan, White and Gray)
  2. Blue and White shirt

Trends always change but I have selected these looks because they will generally stay the same for many years to come no matter what the latest trends are. I have selected to use button down shirts because they are classy and also super easy to dress up when you want to switch from casual to formal. The trend now are chinos with regular fitted t-shirts but in this article we will stick to the basics.

Look #1: Navy Chinos


@lookastic (source)

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Get yourself a pair of Navy Blue Chinos with a white button down shirt. This is probably the easiest outfit to put together. The combination of white and blue is a classic outfit combo and works well for practically any occasion (casual of course).

Look #2: Blue Chinos x Blue Shirt


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This look is often overlooked because people think, “can I really pull off blue pants and a blue shirt at the same time? “.  The answer is: YES. However, what I do not recommend is the top being the same shade as the bottom. Always go darker blue for the pants and lighter/sky blue for the button down.

Look #3: Khaki Chinos


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Of course, we all know the khaki color chinos are probably the original of them all. The colors only began getting a little crazy in the mid 2000s to now in 2018. Khaki color chinos pretty much pair well with almost any color top. White and baby / sky blue are probably my favorite options. Try to stick to very light colors on top, you do not want your shirt to overpower your chinos especially if they are on the lighter side.

Look #4: White Chinos

white chinos men

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Up until recently white pants were somewhat frowned upon for men but it’s really picked up more now in the fashion world. White fitted chinos pair really well with almost any color shirts. Red, Blue, Green, pretty much anything will go well . Even Yellow can be pulled off with these bottoms. Of course, you need to make sure that you have matching shoes, belt and accessories or else it won’t look right.

Look #4: Gray Chinos

gray chinos men

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These go without saying, like the khaki colored chinos, these are very easy to style and go with many tops. Keep them on the lighter side, you don’t want to go dark with gray chinos.

Look #5: Green Chinos


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Green is for a relaxed setting and very informal occasions. Pair these with a white button down shirt and you should be good to go!


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